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The Reef Outlet's signature aquarium packages come fully equipped with every part and piece of hardware necessary for a healthy and thriving aquarium. Along with equipment and hardware, these packages come complete with substrate, decor, water and even delivery & installation if you're local. Don't worry about shopping around for all the right parts for your aquarium, these exclusive package deals are all-in-one and ready to go for the easiest experience possible.

our main freshwater display at the reef outlet in lewisville, tx.

our main freshwater display at the reef outlet in lewisville, tx.

Size Options

We offer four sizes of all-inclusive aquarium packages to fit any space or budget. Each package is available in eight different stand finishes to match any interior. Click to see options for each size.

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All signature packages are built with real maple stands and cabinets, available in 8 different finishes to suit any space or style. The Planet Aquariums display tanks are made with the highest quality low-iron glass to maximize colors and visibility.

All equipment and hardware, plus delivery and installation is included with every package.


Low-iron Rimless Glass Display Tank

An ultra-sleek design for a modern and contemporary feel, these packages feature a Planet Aquariums Crystaline display tank with premium low-iron "starfire" glass for maximum clarity and coloration.


Natural Maple Stand with Built-in Cabinets

Each package includes a handsomely crafted maple-wood stand in a finish of your choice. Highly preferred by those looking for a classier atmosphere in their home or office. These elegant cabinets are available in gray, mahogany, mocha, black, white, medium oak, natural and Spanish oak.

Stand Finish Options

Stand Finish Options

traditional MAHOGANY

traditional MAHOGANY


Complete LED Lighting System by Current USA

This sleek LED fixture illuminates the aquarium and its inhabitants, giving the space a calming and attractive ambience. Designed to enhance the brilliant colors of freshwater fish, the Satellite LED replicates the dynamic natural qualities of sun and moon lighting with the efficiency of LED technology into a low profile, sleek lighting system.


Full Canister Filtration System by Eheim

Each of our freshwater packages include an Eheim Professional 4+ canister filtration system, complete with mechanical and chemical filtration. The canister fits inside the cabinet underneath the display tank, and moves the aquarium’s water through several stages of filter media. This keeps the aquarium healthy, safe and clean for its inhabitants.


CaribSea Substrate

A prime choice among aquarists, Ocean Direct is our go-to substrate for nearly all of our projects. With over 20 available options of sizes, colors and textures, our design team has a full palette to choose from to best suit your office’s interior.


Natural Décor

Each freshwater package includes a variety of natural stone, driftwood and plant décor to enliven the natural fish habitat. With hundreds of pieces to choose from, our design professionals will work with you to determine the best look for your particular space.

Equipment & Specifications

Display Tank Planet Aquariums Crystaline Planet Aquariums Crystaline Planet Aquariums CrystalinePlanet Aquariums Crystaline
Low Iron Front Glass
Canister Filter Eheim Pro 4+ 250 Eheim Pro 4+ 250 Eheim Pro 4+ 350 Eheim Pro 4+ 600
Heater Eheim Jager 150W Eheim Jager 150W Eheim Jager 200W Eheim Jager 250W
Lighting Current USA Satellite Freshwater 18-24" Current USA Satellite Freshwater 24-36" Current USA Satellite Freshwater 36-48" Current USA Satellite Freshwater 48-60"
Décor Stone/Wood/Plant Mix Stone/Wood/Plant Mix Stone/Wood/Plant Mix Stone/Wood/Plant Mix
Substrate CaribSea CaribSea CaribSea CaribSea
RO/DI Freshwater
Local Delivery
Local Installation
Total System Volume 44 Gallons 65 Gallons 88 Gallons109 Gallons
Stand Height 33" 33" 33" 33"
Stand Construction Maple Wood Maple Wood Maple Wood Maple Wood

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